IoT Testing

Validating and
Verifying IoT applications

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Validating and
Verifying IoT applications

IoT solutions rely on third-party cloud-based integration layers making testing complex. Storing and processing data also requires negotiating contracts with the platform providers. Test planning becomes crucial in such circumstances.

IoT Solutions
Experience Testing

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End user experience is paramount in IoT solutions. We conduct experience testing and functional testing that involve end products and remote sensors. Integrations with third party solutions and products are also tested for uninterrupted experiences. There is a need to manage the exponential increase of test scenarios.

Portability, Interoperability
and Reliability of IoT Systems

Non-functional aspects play a vital role in IoT adoption. We help you test for portability, interoperability and reliability. Testing interactions between the different layers is dependent on test environments. We support creating test environments with virtualized end-products, devices and test data.

Testing Security
Posture for IoT Solutions

Operational data ownership is one of the key concerns of IoT solutions.  We provide security architecture reviews, ecosystem penetration testing services, firmware testing solutions, risk assessments and threat modeling. We help you generate testing metrics to get a holistic view of security posture of the IoT product.

Internet of Things: We expect to see 20 billion internet-connected things by 2020. “



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