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Meet Regulatory Compliance Through Process Automation and Testing

Compliance and safety are the cornerstones of the technology-intensive pharma and life sciences business. Automation and virtualization are driving digization and DevSecOps processes. Convergence of technologies such as IoT, medical devices, machine learning and AI increase the demand of rapid development and testing services. Qapitol Testing Center of Excellence brings together best practices and modern tools to meet the testing needs of pharma and healthcare industries and professionals.
World Quality Report – Any software errors which affect patient safety can have a huge impact on the organization.

Trends and Technologies in Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry

Clinical research and development, sensor-enabled pills, connected medical devices, digital control of drug manufacturing processes, test environment limitations, testing integrations, digital delivery of drugs, digitalization, predictive analytics, test automation, service virtualization, reusability of tests, hybrid offshoring, speed-to-market, Test Excellence Center (TCE), data regulations, virtual and cloud test environments, GDPR data privacy and protection, test environment configuration.

Qapitol Approach Towards Testing Medical Apps

  • We are experienced in context-driven approaches, trained in rapid software testing and coached by the best in the industry like James Bach and Michael Bolton.
  • We constantly use the HTSM (Heuristic Test Strategy Model) and build upon it to suit each project.
  • We strongly believe that a strong test design is a must for uncovering valuable information and we apply different test design techniques based on the context. To complement the test design, a thorough system understanding is a must and this helps us go beyond the UI or the black box layer.

Software Testing for Clinical Trial Solutions

  • Mantel–Haenszel method, Bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, Relative risk/risk ratio, Standardized Mortality Ratio, Cumulative frequency graph
  • Correlation, coefficients, Probability models, estimation, confounding variable, non-parametric methods, Regression Analysis and much more…
  • We understand the data journey from the patient to the healthcare provider.
  • Terms like Value relational, computational conformance, uniqueness, atemporal or temporal plausibility doesn’t make us uncomfortable
  • Accuracy, completeness, consistency, uniqueness & timeliness
We pay attention to regulations and guidelines
  • FDA Regulatory information for both industry and patients
  • Regulatory submission
  • Trial and regulatory review
  • Section 113 of the Modernization Act
  • FDA’s Clinical Trials Guidance Documents

Qapitol delivers on key outcomes

Engage with us to deliver key outcomes from comprehensive testing
  • Thorough understanding of the system
  • Key partner for your product releases
  • Robust test coverage boosted by strong test design and risk based strategy
  • Analysis of bugs and issues and remedial procedures
  • Quality Partners

Covering Apps across Web, Mobile, IoT, and Cloud

Qapitol supports clients through various business models including independent testing model, co-managed, project-managed and staff augmentation models. Our Test Center of Excellence (TCE) incubates best practices, provides a modern testing tech.stack, tooling, data and environments to support mission-critical testing strategies. Enterprises benefit from our holistic advisory services backed by our decades of industry experience. We are glad to support you in your testing initiatives.

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