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Application QA and Test Automation

Building a Quality Engineering Partnership with a Leading Cloud-Based Health & Wellness App Product Development Leader

Health and wellness apps provide a convenient way to bridge the health seekers and care providers. While desktop apps and mobile apps are used as front-end by consumers, there are complex systems, including external integrations, running in the back-end to make operations successful. The key success factors for such apps are user acceptance and customer adoption. As the number of users increase across geographies and personas accessing different types of services, the complexities of maintaining the systems also increases and servicing the users becomes challenging. The platform not only needs to scale but has to be tested for various usage requirements. 

The following is a story of a leading wellness software provider whose operations were scaling rapidly when the client felt the need to engage a testing partner to ensure their systems integrated efficiently, operations ran smoothly and users were engaged successfully. Qapitol QA, with its testing experience, automation talent and proprietary tools was selected to guide the quality engineering activities and execute enhanced test automation strategies to manage their cloud-based software operations successfully and scale business efficiently.

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