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Testing & QA of a
Mobile Prescription App 


Maintaining Transparent & Contactless Communications Between Doctors and Patients – Testing & QA of Online Prescriptions

Qapitol QA partners with an upcoming startup developing mobile apps for doctors that can be used to maintain contactless prescriptions between doctors and patients. It is a critical requirement in times of risks due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The iOS app is used by doctors. India’s best practice management app built precisely to cater to the needs of a modern doctor. Onboarded 1500+ doctors and saved more than 5 million prescriptions, this healthcare app is leading the way in India.

Qapitol QA’s ability to quickly learn any product irrespective of the domain and solving key challenges in a startup, agile development setup. Qapitol QA’s combination of healthcare expertise and testing approach to deliver quality products in a short time.

Business and Technical Challenge

With multiple specialties and quick development across specialties, the testing was becoming a bottleneck and there was an increase in customer issues. Regression was taking a lot of time and was not helping in quick releases.

Increase in development speed highlighted the testing bottleneck. Due to short testing time cycle, test coverage was low and based on tester’s confidence resulting in leaking defects to the production

Testing & QA Results

We reduced the regression of five specialties from five days to four hours by taking help of feature impact matrix. The test coverage was no longer a black box and was transparent due to the recordings and guide word based test data. Due to a strong test data suite based on real life use cases, important bugs were discovered early in the testing cycle.

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