We are excited that you wish to know the current health of your applications. This is an initiative to support our customers get access to good QA and experience the business value of testing when done by the experts who are context driven. Go on, provide us the details. We promise, we wont stalk you.

Please provide the details

Please read carefully: This free service is provided on an as is basis mode without any express warranties or guarantees. The free QA offered only provides the current health of the application and in no way certifies the application for its quality. Please note that there could be waiting time before the application is tested, given the queue we may have. The scope is limited to the test plan published after client discussion and does not include advanced security testing, (server side) performance testing, test automation and any regression test cycles. The number of devices on which the app maybe tested will be limited to 5 and efforts will me made accommodate any requests to increase the coverage based on the availability of the mobile model(s). The decision to deliver the free pilot offer is at the sole discretion of Qapitol QA and with no liability.
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Here is how it works!

After we establish connect with you and seek additional information required, if any, we take 5 days to prepare a smoking hot QA report that will provide you information about the current health of your applications. We will make all attempts to address any specific questions you may have regarding the quality of the software.

What do we cover?

We cover the quality criteria that matters to you most. While your support (a maximum of 30 minutes) is required for creating a robust test plan, the usual suspects that we test for are give below.

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