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Framework for Mobile App Testing

Table of Contents

Testing on Real Devices

No more simulators/emulators. With over 100+ real devices to cover all form factors, manufacturers, get your app tested on real devices.

Access to Global Networks

Ready to handle all your test requirement over 1100 global cell networks. Combined with crowd, this is a sure shot way to address all your location and network based testing requirements.

Iterate Fast

Ensuring the Velocity of testing required to guarantee the Quantity and Quality of testing so that you iterate fast and your releases are always on time.

Minimum Viable Quality

Ensures your apps are of Minimum Viable Quality, not just your MVP but all your subsequent releases thereafter.

Functional Tests

No uninstalls due to suboptimal quality.

  • End-to-end interactions and flows
  • Integration will User Touch points u2013 email, SMS, alerts, notification, Error Messages etc.
  • Integration with 3rd party systems / interfaces/ APIs
  • Social media integration


Any device, anywhere. Works as it should.

  • Different screen size
  • RAM
  • Processors
  • Different OS version
  • Different makes (Samsung, Apple etc.)
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