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Testing innovative and disruptive fintech apps.

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Testing Innovative & Disruptive Fintech Apps

Fintech is an aggregation of terms Finance and Technology. It’s an umbrella term for all technology and software development around financial services and products. Fintechs use technology to improve the current system of transactions, payments, loans, fundraising, investments or portfolio management. This could be geared towards the general mass or could be in the B2B segment. Qapitol QA provides industry specific testing solutions.

Fintech – Digital Payments

Impact of Covid-19 & Business Challenges

  • There is a spike in online payments but use-cases (things to pay for) are declining. E-commerce industry is significantly impacted and gross online payment volumes are falling affecting revenues.
  • Market shifts, technological developments, and increasing regulatory & investor scrutiny are affecting the revenue growth and operating efficiencies of financial services industry
  • Severe impact of production bugs in this industry systems
  • Compatibility issues of the applications across the wise variety of distributed device and browser options

IT Challenges & Technical Requirements

  • End to end testing expertise of various financial services across Digital Payments, Wallets, lending services, investment platforms
  • Helping clients comply with regulatory requirements that impact business models.
  • Performance Testing, Failover and Recovery Testing, and Monitoring latency & availability of Financial Services apps.
  • Integration testing that ensures the workflows spread across multivariate products operate seamlessly.
  • Mocking payments services to enable integration testing of end to end payment flows
    • Web Services Test Automation to enable continuous stability check around the back end systems “

Qapitol QA Testing Solutions & Offerings

  • Service Virtualisation for Testing Payment Integrators
  • Test Automation Framework capabilities to create mock services and test integration scenarios of 3rd party payment systems.
  • New gen technologies and rapid transformation tools for variety of use cases

Case Studies

Testing of an online lending platform: Contact us for detailed case study.

Online payment platform testing. Contact us for detailed case study.

Mutual Funds investment platform testing. Contact us for detailed case study.

Fintech – Fintechs are startup technology providers that approach financial business in innovative (sometimes disruptive) ways through emerging technologies. Fintechs can fundamentally change the way in which a financial services institution’s products and services are created, are distributed and generate revenue.”



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