Qapitol QA

Make way for emerging tech and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world of technology with testing solutions that give you an edge.

With a full suite of test automation and quality engineering solutions, Qapitol is enabling fast-growing fintechs to overcome dependencies on manual testing and optimise test execution time, by building a robust test automation framework & solutions. We do a deep dive to better understand specific business needs, leverage agile practices to enable faster go-to-market, and deliver a seamless user experience.
Move away from fixed inputs and outputs of traditional testing methods and ensure viable deployment of AI/ML applications with vigorous end-to-end testing.
End-to-end blockchain testing that validates inputs, processes data streams, handles defective results, execution glitches, access verifications, maintenance, and more.
Enhance user experience and adopt an integrated approach to validate functional and non-functional requirements of IoT solutions to create enduring and reliable apps.
Unlock a new world of possibilities with next-generation data integration techniques and platforms like API testing, outbound interfaces, and more.

Unified Test Automation Framework for Web, Mobile, and APIs

Deliver quality in less time by combining multiple powerful tools on a unified platform

Faster release cycles

Simple to setup, adopt and use

Achieve in-sprint API testing

Minimize overheads

Increase test coverage

Maximize reuse and maintainabliity

Increase productivity

Run tests with reliable test data

Our unified, low-code API test automation platform

A holistic approach anchored in test automation for accelerated outcomes.