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E-Commerce Testing Solutions

Simplifying E-Commerce Testing

E-Commerce companies are complex with multiple back-end integrations to deliver products and services efficiently. Qapitol has deep expertise and wide experience supporting large e-commerce companies with their application testing.
E-commerce testing services

E-Commerce Testing Center of Excellence

e-commerce testing solutions

E-Commerce Testing Accelerators

We provide testing accelerators to ensure that logistics components, supply chains and delivery mechanisms are tested for functionality and performance within minimum time frames. Access our Testing Center of Excellence to achieve continuous testing in DevSecOps environments.

Test Automation Services

Usability, Security and Performance

Usability: User experiences must be simple. We test for transaction convenience at all levels.
Security: Safeguard customer data. We help detect vulnerabilities and eliminate risks of data leaks.
Performance: Scale as you go. Our tests ensure your website withstands data loads and user surges.
Ecommerce inventory management software

E-Commerce Testing Case Studies

Read how Qapitol delivered performance-critical e-commerce testing solutions to emerging brands in logistics, supply-chain, property-tech, food-tech, fashion-tech and digital commerce.
Api Test Automation

39% of people will stop engaging with a website if it takes too long to load.

Are your ecommerce websites load-tested to handle traffic surges?

Don’t let your brand get impacted due to the unpredictable performance of your websites and business apps.
Ecommerce testing challenges

Comprehensive Testing Competency in E-Commerce Testing

Qapitol is associated with leading e-commerce brands. We have developed deep skills in all the systems of the e-commerce value chain including supply chain, logistics, payments, products, vendors, etc.
ecommerce testing services

Point of Service (POS) and E-Commerce Testing

Integrated commerce that combines POS and Online models are more challenging and require a broader range of testing skills and domain competencies. Qapitol has worked with the best of both worlds.
point of service testing services

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