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Testing & QA of e-learning experiences across multiple platforms – Making remote learning effective

We learn every day. The eLearning medium is an interesting way to reinforce learning in a self-paced, easy to access and pick-where-you-left mode. We have come a long way from attending trainings at specific times and chosen instructors to switching content providers within minutes. With the attention span of people reduced to a few seconds, it is imperative to keep the audience engaged and encouraged to complete each learning block. As the technology continues to evolve, we are in an interesting phase of eLearning across different learning styles (audio, video, kinesthetic).

Qapitol QA had the opportunity to work with several leading e-learning organizations as their platforms testing partner. We employed creative experiential testing techniques and implemented automated solutions to add velocity to product releases. Some of the requirements, solutions and learning are outlined here.

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