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E-Commerce Testing
Functional & Performance Quality Assurance

Qapitol QA is working with leading e-commerce companies worldwide. Whether it is the largest food tech company or leading fashion tech company, we have solved challenges at scale. Some of our e-commerce clients are unicorns now and we have been their testing partners since their inception and subsequent scaling.

The product journeys have given us insights into the intricate workings of e-commerce technology including for consumer apps, payment apps, supply chain, logistics, fulfillment, vendor management and product information management modules. Having worked over the long term, we were able to distill the proven testing practices that lead to the success of the products. Key focus areas included: user experience, buyer journeys, functionality, performance and security testing.

See our offerings in: Consumer Apps, Payments, Supply Chain-Logistics-Fulfillment, Vendor Management, Product Information Management

E-Commerce Testing – By 2023, the majority of organizations using AI for digital commerce will achieve at least a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction.”


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