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Scaling Quality Engineering For
Tech Unicorns Through Continuous Testing


Large E-commerce Company, Leading Food-Tech company, Famous Fashion-Tech company

Challenges faced & solution implemented 

Requirement for ‘Efficient & Scalable’ Quality Engineering practices & solutions that can enable frequent and fast paced releases, and that can ensure the releases meet high quality requirements to eventually reduce the production defects

Test Automation || Continuous Testing || DevOps

Some features and services implemented with a focus on long-term quality engineering goals.

  • Mandatory sign-off of features with automation only
  • Implementing automation at the beginning of project
  • CI-CD pipeline with rollback strategy
  • Publish Build quality metrics
  • Uptime monitoring system for non production environment
  • Continuous code coverage monitoring
  • Incremental code coverage week by week
  • Dockerized deployments
  • Dockerized personal test environment
  • Mocking and Stubbing capabilities
  • Multiple services on single instance

10000+ Test Cases | 900+ Integration Scenarios | 5000+ Automated Scripts | 95%+ Test Suites Pass% | 80% Regression Test Coverage | 80% Automated Releases

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