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Robust Mobile App
API Testing and Automation Solution

mobile api testing


Leading fintech company, Emerging logistics company


Requirement of robust & smart test automation solution that can support frequent and fast paced releases, that can ensure the releases meet high quality requirements and eventually reduce the production defects.

Solution Implemented

  • Designed and built a Unified Test Automation framework which supports automation of Functional, Integration and E2E UAT scenarios across Web, Mobile Apps and APIs
  • Integrated Performance Testing of APIs / Services with the framework to achieve Non-Functional insights for E2E scenarios
  • Integrated auto spawning and deployment of various test environments with right set of test data and Mocks for external systems
  • Built real time Test Dashboard with testing relevant metrics, so as to monitor progress of testing efforts and also provide comparison with historical data
  • Solution also provided information on the Code Quality, Code Coverage and Feature Coverage

Business Component Coverage

  • APIs/WebServices
  • Consumer Apps – MarketPlace (iOS & Android)
  • Payments
  • Order Management System
  • Fulfillment
  • Warehouse
  • Promise Engine
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Customer Experience

Business Impact 

  • High Adoption of test automation solution internally with developers
  • Clear visibility and insights into the value of Test Automation
  • 100% Availability | No Performance Issues | Glitch Free High-Volume Holiday Sales | 30% Reduction in Production Issues

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