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Understanding QA’s Role in DevOps 


Ebook – Understanding QA’s Role in DevOps

With testing being integrated into the CI/CD process, it is easy to think that the QA engineer or QA teams are not needed any longer. However, the impact of DevOps on QA teams is more of an evolution of their role rather than eliminating them altogether.

The primary evolution of the QA team is along the lines of expanding their skills and responsibilities to merge and overlap with the development and ops teams. Because development, QA and deployment have become a continuous fluid pipeline, the roles played by the teams have also transformed. So DevOps demands a high level of coordination between these teams while blurring the boundaries of what each team is responsible for. A developer can configure deployments, QA engineers can configure automation test cases, and deployment engineers can add test cases to the QA repository. Together, all of them are responsible for the quality, and must adhere to the timelines of all deliverables. Read more in our E-Book.

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