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Embracing a continuous quality culture

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Continuous Testing & DevOps
Adopting Latest Testing Cultures

Continuous testing is possible only if the process is designed to adapt to modern cultures and tools. This involves embracing the latest tech.stacks and empowering testers to strengthen product development. Our experience spans across applications and industries such as e-commerce, retail, fintech, edutech & healthtech.


  • Continuous testing for DevOps, integrate automated test suites with CI/CD, automated test environment setup/deployments.
  • Test Automation of Mobile and Web Applications, API and Web Services test automation, automated solutions for test data creation.
  • Functional testing of card transaction authorization and clearing system, test automation for Web Application, APIs and Web Services (Online and Mobile Banking), API functional testing for Open Banking Systems, functional testing of ATMs, test automation of Payments, Cards, and Self Service functionalities.
  • Automation frameworks and performance testing solutions.

Use Cases

  • Testing in Agile – For tech teams developing customer apps at pace, rigorous and efficient testing of releases where deployments happen daily/frequently.
  • Integrate regression test suites (Test Pipeline) with client CI and enabling continuous testing.
  • Test Automation to check functional stability of customer applications, regression testing of features and workflows, daily sanity check of production applications, test automation of APIs and Web Services to run frequent stability checks.
  • Check automation for functional stability of online Banking Applications – Web UI Test Automation, API Functional Test Automation, regression testing of key features and workflows, daily sanity check of production applications, test automation of Web Services for stability check at APIs, test automation of APIs for Open Banking functionalities, automate regression testing of ATM functionalities.
  • E-Learning apps, mobile learning apps, educational portals
  • Healthcare apps, online price comparison mobile apps, pharmacy portals, educational portals

Test automation tools are essential elements of a DevOps toolchain and enablers for achieving the continuous quality approach required for successful DevOps.”



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