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Testing Consumer Apps & Apps Stores

Consumer apps are those that are available in the app stores. Android and iOS mobile applications listed under various categories, such as health, entertainment, finance, games, music, news, and travel, among others help the consumers in their day to day tasks. Qapitol QA provides industry specific testing solutions.

FoodTech / HyperLocal

Impact of Covid-19 & Business Challenges

Food delivery companies operate with low order intake because delivery fleet has reduced and most restaurants are shut. The appetite for digital innovation is increasing due to revenue pressures.

  • High innovation quotient – Add new features regularly to keep users coming back
  • Seamless workflow integration across all user flows – Consumers, Delivery Partners and Merchants
  • Optimise Efficiencies – ETA, Dynamic Routing and Navigation using mobile apps
  • Grievance handling – Order returns, Cancellations, and Chatbots for quicker customer experience

IT Challenges & Technical Requirements

  • Rapid testing of new features / updates to support releases and ensuring minimal defect leakage to production
  • Integration testing covering the on ground use cases across the three key users in the ecosystem – Customers, Delivery Partners, and Merchants
  • Automated test solutions across key business work-flows to ensure stability and key risk assessment
  • Exploratory testing against the features like Dynamic routing, ETA calculations, and Navigation scenarios to identify fallible scenarios, ensuring good Usability and User Experience

Qapitol QA Testing Solutions & Offerings

  • Well versed with the understanding of on-ground use cases and technology solutions around them
  • Rich experience of being Testing partners to one of the largest Indian Food-tech and Hyperlocal start-up, supported the releases of all new technology initiatives since last three years

Case Studies

Long-term testing partnership with a large food-tech company.

Content aggregation platform testing for a large media platform.

End-to-End testing of a ride-hailing app.

Consumer Apps – Only 32% of organizations undertaking mobile app development are designing for mobile first.”



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