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Move applications and data to the cloud with assurance.

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Testing rigor for
flawless cloud migrations

Qapitol QA provides extensive testing support for cloud migration strategies ranging from Re-hosting through Re-platforming to Retiring. Our experts will provide the necessary quality assurance to your chosen cloud migration strategy regardless of where it lies within the cloud adoption spectrum. Our comprehensive test offering for cloud migration will cover the entire gamut of Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Security Testing, Scalability and Performance Testing.

Meet service level agreements and
availability requirements

Compliance is paramount. The diversity of devices and applications presents challenges for the testers. Bugs in real life must be caught in testing. User volumes are one of the critical factors causing problems. Testing ensures different systems work together and stay in sync.

Parallel testing &
automation readiness

Qapitol QA team helps you perform impact analysis on the application landscape and advise on the optimal set of cloud migration tests to be run along with the resources needed to perform the testing. We assist in strategizing and developing your tests in parallel with the migration build activities and complete the full suite of cloud migration testing within the project timeframe.


Testability is very important. It’s not enough to know how to test. Even tools are decided only upon complete analysis. The products must be built with testability in mind. Automated regressions testing and continuous monitoring are critical for flawless performance.

Hybrid environments are becoming the norm for today’s organizations. As the data landscape becomes more complex, data integration becomes a strategic advantage.”



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