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Big Data Testing For a Leading Multimedia Sports Venture

Client: A leading multimedia venture that offers viewers documentaries, web series, and podcasts about their favorite athletes, focusing on the moments, words, or emotions that could often be ignored by traditional media outlets.


Application Context

Validate the functional  stability of application across platforms including Desktop,  Web, Mobile and Apple TV.


Design and validate the workflows across platforms, build and deploy the automated regression suite per week to check the stability of the product.

WorkFlow - User Tasks and Tests

System/User Flows

  • Record Videos (either by media guys or the athlete itself)
  • Upload the video in a video player
  • Create a record in Content Management System
  • Publish in Website
  • Fetch Listing from ElasticSearch

Post Publishing Test Tasks

  • Validate the content in frontend across all the compatible platforms
  • Verify the Issues/Tasks including frontend issues and backend issues
  • Fix, Reverify and close the tickets
  • Designed test cases for the entire application
  • Run the automated test suite per week to ensure stability of application

Test Execution

  1. Design test cases for the application
  2. Validate each task raised in JIRA/GitHub  according to requirement across all compatible platforms (Mobile,Desktop,Apple TV) in different environments (master,dev,pr,production)
  3. Design tests for UI of application including validating  the Video/Audio content, Quality, stability, Interruptions and user experience across platforms
  4. Validate third party integrations and backend issues
  5. Raise tickets for the failures and re-verify once fixed
  6. Design Test Automation suite
  7. Design Automation framework based on application workflow
  8. Write automation code in Visual studio using Node JS
  9. Run the Test suite per week to find the stability of application and generate report


JIRA, Asana, Trello, JWPlayer, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Visual Studio,GitHub, FireBase, Google Analytics


Test strategy ensured large data sets are validated and streamed without latency creating an uninterrupted experience for users and players.