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Complete QA of beacon implementation combined with app functionality, usability and performance check for an early stage seed funded startup.


  • Field testing of beacons for detection and integration with app
  • Performance optimisation to address the adverse feedback being received
  • Functional stability of the app
  • Limited in-house developer testing efforts resulting in crashes and freezes
  • Tech stack finalisation

Our Approach

On initial exploration using exploratory test approach multiple issues related to core functionality of the application, app performance related to page rendering, multiple crashes while loading landing page, points redemption were found. Given the complexity of the issues, the build was scrapped and new application was designed from ground up with Beacon technology. The task of performing a POC to identify the best beacon from 2 kinds of beacons, as shortlisted by Product Architect, was completed and a recommendation was done to the engineering team after suitable comparative tests. With the new beacon tech in place, complete revamp including UI was done and the objective shifted to delivering a minimum viable platform.


Test strategy was prepared to attain Maximum Test Coverage for the application within tight schedule. Three teams were created and tasks were assigned based on business risk and priorities.

Functional, UI & UX testing

To test the functionality of the application across different devices and different network strengths. End to end flows were designed and tested along with business logics, UI & UX

Mobile NFT: To test for Memory Leak suspects, Heap Analysis, Network Analysis, Battery Analysis.

Field testing: To test for beacon’s proximity, beacon detection, point redemption

Key Findings

Many crashes were found related to app permissions, and multiple activities happening in background. Several issues related to UI consistency, rendering across form factors, etc were found in lower end phones. Key issues related to detection of beacons in lower end phones, points credit to users in specific stores, and user hacks to get extra redemption points (by changing system dates) etc. were also found and were fixed.

Value Delivered

The engineering team was able to quickly arrive at the beacon of choice and the iterations happened faster with rapid feedback & CD. Demo to the the investors at stores passed without any glitches. Qapitol QA is now QA partner to test further releases to ensure consistent customer experience.

Beacons: Helping deliver contextually rich mobile experiences

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